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New Cans at Purrrfect Bark

Our newest selection of cans include new offerings from Rawbble, OpenFarm and more stock of Lotus cans!

Let's get started first with the expansion of Lotus Dog..

Just Juicy Beef Just Juicy Pork

Bot of these mixes come with 5% fat, which is PURRRFECT for those dogs with pancreatitis. If a kibble is needed, these cans match well with the Lotus Senior Baked Kibble or the Nutrisource Grain Free Weight Management. Both of those are the best kibble options for dealing w/ pancreatitis.

Another new line of cans, is Rawbble by Bixbi. This line fits well with their Freeze-dried diet options, as well as their new kibble. We currently carry their treats, their supplements and their cans.

Available in larger cans, 12.5oz, and 4 flavors to choose from! Duck, Lamb, Chicken & Pork!

We think the Duck and Chicken will be the most popular, with Duck being the #1 can!

And, finally... Openfarm Cans for dogs and cats. These don't come in a regular can, they come in a recyclable container. These cans are for the customer who prioritizes Animal welfare and proper practices for raising animals. That said, these cans have a slightly higher than normal price point - as Certified Welfare Rating doesn't come cheap. They look good inside and have several flavors to choose from for both animals!

Your Pups are ready for newness! See ya soon!

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